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Marriage Counseling in Erie

Erie therapist seeks couples that are committed to creating happy homes and flourishing relationships.

Our marriage is meant to be the most rich and vibrant relationship we experience.

Sometimes, this is not the case.

Sometimes marriage can be the most problematic and stressful relationship in our lives. And sometimes we need help to see our relationship from a different perspective.

Often relationships are difficult because the love we have for our partner is not being expressed or received as we intend. Therapy gives you a safe place to express your concerns and experience what it feels like to be understood and heard.

  • Are you overwhelmed by your spouse?
  • Stressed more at home than at work?
  • Is your parenting perspective different from your partner’s?
  • Do you understand your partners needs and wants? Does your partner know yours?
  • Are you tired of the same arguments about the same issues?
  • Are you ready to give up?

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  • I give you a safe and warm environment where you are heard and valued
  • I teach you relationship skills to help you and your partner communicate better
  • I provide vital support to help your relationship to flourish
  • I offer a completely confidential space in which you can express all of the issues you have held back from expressing
  • I am a Certified Prepare and Enrich couples therapist

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