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Longmont Child Therapist

Longmont Child Therapist provides help for children struggling with behavioral or emotional concerns.

Parenting is very difficult and very wonderful. Parenting is often guesswork, and most parents do the best they can for their child every single day. Support and assistance often comes in the form of advice from family and friends that mean well, but do not understand exactly what is happening with your child.

This is where a good child therapist can be invaluable. I understand a child’s developmental needs and can assist you in valuing the great child that you are rising.

In working with your child’s teacher we can help your young student learn and achieve in the classroom.

  • Are you a parent of a child that is struggling with friendships? at school? at home?
  • Are you ready to commit to changes in your relationship with your child?
  • Are you tired of fighting with your child about their behavior?
  • Is your child’s school telling you that your child is a problem in the classroom?
  • Do you limit the activities that you and your family participate in due to your child’s behavior?

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  • Experience in helping children handle their emotions through play and art
  • Knowledge of developmental stages
  • Communication with teachers, school counselors and principals to assist in your child’s academic experience
  • Completed internship program at Mental Health Partners in Child and Adolescent therapy
  • Helping you, the exhausted parent, to see your child in a new way

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