Lisa Nelson

Christian Counseling in Erie

Erie Christian counselor seeks hurting people in Erie for positive growth in your life and walk with God.

Being a Christian means that we don’t need help –right?

Being a Christian means that we don’t have questions or feel that God does not hear us–right?

Actually–we are all broken people that are struggling in this world. We all need help from time to time and are not meant to live in the world as individuals – especially in times of crisis or special need.

We are meant to live in community with one another. To help one another. “Love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13:34) speaks to Jesus’ wish and new commandment for us to care for one another. This is the basis of my counseling ministry.

  • Do you feel that your life does not match your spiritual beliefs?
  • Do you question God’s love for you?
  • Are you committed to make positive changes in your life?
  • Do you question why you are experiencing difficulties in spite of your Christian beliefs?
  • Are you mad at God?


  • 14 years of experience in teaching and providing care in Stephen Ministry
  • Denver Seminary trained clinician that can walk with you during your time of need
  • Experience in helping the Christian community see their lives as important and valuable
  • Praying for you and with you
  • Clinical Mental Health training that allows you to express your innermost concerns WITHOUT judgment or criticism (really!)
  • A warm and caring place for you to express your doubts and walk a better, more fulfilled life

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