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Adolescent Counseling in Erie

Erie therapist provides help for teens and family members.

Help for your teen and yourself is available!

The teen years can be a challenge to parents and teens alike. And no two teens are exactly alike – which adds to the complication of helping them to walk through these years without difficulties.

Individual therapy for an adolescent can be a safe place for your child to openly discuss all the complicated components of managing school, friends, social pressures, and parents. Parents can also learn about why the teen years are so tumultuous in working alongside a child therapist to smooth the waters.

While this important developmental stage can be frustrating and infuriating, it does not have to ruin your relationship with your child. If you manage your relationship with your teenager properly, you can even learn to see the wonderful adult they are becoming!

  • Tired of fighting with your child and getting nothing but grey hairs and sleepless nights?
  • Is your teen causing disruptions in your family?
  • Have you received information from your child’s school that they are causing problems or that their grades are not what they once were?

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Together we will:

  • Explore positive communication
  • Discover open and honest perspectives on behavioral issues
  • Properly diagnose issues
  • Assist parents, teachers and principals to understand how your child thinks and feels

I have 14 years of experience in counseling children, teenagers, and adults. I also completed an internship at Mental Health Partners specializing in Child and Adolescent issues.

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